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Joshua Cole

My Goal

Teaching - With teaching, my goal is to get my students to accomplish their goals and help them create them. I strive to teach well-rounded knowledge of the instrument, allowing students to pursue their desired styles and goals.

Performances - My main instrument is the guitar and I have the ability to perform multiple styles. if you want a laid-back acoustic set to have in the background of a business party, or a hyped-up concert style, I will work with requests. If you are about to perform and need another member of your band for that performance I will also do that.

Production - Do you write lyrics and sing but don’t know how to record, produce, or play the other instruments you need for your song to come to life? Or do you spend hours practicing on covers but you don’t know how to capture your sound? Well with my production experience, I can help you or my students to get their originals and or cover songs recorded for media and documentation.


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My experience

I teach beginner-advanced electric/acoustic guitar, and beginner-intermediate drums, pianos, and bass. I started my musical teaching journey by instructing private lessons and leading bands at Bach to Rock in 2020. I have 11 years of experience studying and performing various music styles with the electric guitar. I began playing guitar at the age of 10 and studied under professional guitar instructors and performers Dan Leonard and the Navy Commodores guitarist Shawn Purcell. My journey in bands started in middle school and continued through high school as I served as the lead guitarist for multiple bands in the Northern Virginia area.

Apart from my private instructors, I delved into jazz studies at the George Mason University National Jazz Workshop summer camps during my junior high and high school years, participating and performing in multiple big bands. Additionally, I am the lead guitarist in my own band called “Joshua,” where we cover classic rock hits from the ’70s and '80s, focusing on the electric guitar. Over the years, I’ve performed at local town fairs, community events like the Leesburg First Friday and the Warrenton Father’s Day Car Show, as well as with local church bands and at corporate events.

I also engage in songwriting and recording in my home studio. This led to the release of my first original album, “Visions,” now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. Teaching-wise, I enjoy guiding my guitar students through reading music, developing ear training, and honing picking techniques essential for playing diverse musical styles. I aim to impart the knowledge and experience needed for bands to thrive, nurturing their talent and cultivating a professional sound.

What to Expect

Guitar Teacher. Music Teacher. Best Teacher. Professional Teacher

Guitar Curriculum

  • Learning how to build musical goals
  • Learning the skills required to accomplish goals
  • Note reading skills
  • technical exercises to build speed and rhymic proficiency
  • Music theory
  • Improvisation
  • Composition, Arranging, Song Writing
  • Exploration of various genres and repertoires

Guitar. Acoustic Guitar. Guitar Lessons.

What do I need for my lesson?

Whether you’re taking online or in person private lessons, you’ll need to bring your guitar and any accessories, like a pick or strap. If you’re taking electric guitar lessons, we’ll have a cable and amp for you in-store, but you’ll need them for online lessons.

How much should I practice between guitar lessons?

This varies by age, goals the student has set out to achieve, and time. The baseline expectation to see progress is 30 minutes a day if not more, otherwise, students may get discouraged by the lack of progress throughout the lessons. However, there is no required amount of practice needed to be able to attend lessons.

Where do I take in person guitar lessons?

Our in-person lessons can be arranged where I travel to you, or you come to me, or we meet somewhere. I am stationed in Gainesville VA in the Loudoun County area.

What kind of equipment do I need to take an online guitar lesson?

In addition to your guitar and accessories, and the necessary materials mentioned above, you'll need a computer or mobile device to connect to your online guitar lesson. Make sure your device also has a microphone, camera and stable internet connection.

Guitar Teacher. Music Teacher. Best Teacher. Professional Teacher

How do online guitar lessons work?

We use zoom, skype and facetime as options for online lessons.

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In-person classes | $60 /hr

Online classes | $55/hr

In your house classes | $60/hr

*Transit fee - $10-$20 (Varies by distance)

*half price trial out lesson

Packages Lessons

12 In-person classes | $700

12 Online | $640

12 In your house | $720 (no transit fee)

Performance and Production

Based on the proposal

inclusive of booking fee and local taxes

Lessons in your area

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